Liberty Direct

A New Alternative to Health Insurance.
Health conscious individuals and families ave an average of 40 - 60%.

Regain Control of Your Health Care Costs

Medical cost sharing is a rapidly growing movement built on the time-tested Christian tradition of sharing the burden of healthcare costs within a community. Liberty Direct members share the commitment to value, prioritize and take personal responsibility for their health. In return, members are able to share medical costs together.

With Liberty Direct, individuals and families have the opportunity to lower their expenses AND improve the quality of their healthcare. Liberty members typically pay 40-60% less for their health expenses.

This program is designed to safeguard the doctor-patient relationship. As a Liberty Direct member, in addition to your visits here, you may see any doctor or hospital you choose. We are thrilled that with Liberty Direct, we don’t have to fight with administrative bureaucracy in order to care for you.

Liberty Direct members invest in their health. . . and pay less for health care.