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Health Share Plan - Helping You Experience the Best of Health
image Health Share Plan Membership provides the health care you need, when you need it and at a price you can afford! Health Share Plan is a membership that more than pays for itself with peace of mind, security and tremendous savings when utilized as a stand alone or in combination with Liberty Direct or any high-deductible insurance plan. Whether you are a business or individual, HSP offers exclusive medical services and privileges to our members that are affordable and accessible.

Since 2007, hundreds of patients have participated in Health Share Plan membership. We listened closely to the positive (and the majority were positive) and negative comments, needs and frustrations that patients occasionally expressed. Overwhelmingly, patients desired to have a program that protected them in the event of acute, chronic and emergency situations. As a result, on December 1, 2013 Complete Care Center announced a new option for affordable healthcare "Health Share Plan Comprehensive". Health Share Plan Comprehensive picks up where HSP Basic leaves off and is a revolutionary option of direct primary care (DPC) in a medical home environment designed to control the runaway costs of preventative, acute and emergency medical services that you need outside the hospital. For $80 per month and a $15 office visit copay, HSP Comprehensive provides coverage for 95% of your health care needs without a deductible to meet. Whether you want to control the out of pocket costs of your new ACA exchange plan or you are foregoing insurance due to cost, Health Share Plan Comprehensive is here to bridge the gap. Health Share Plan continues to expand the many alliances withoutside medical services and sub-specialists. We will continue to monitor the health care environment and look for ways to reduce costs for indviduals and business.