How Health Share Plan DPC Makes the Affordable Care Act More Affordable

image Our experience shows that in many cases, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) can make your financial situation and access to medical care much more difficult due to higher premiums, higher deductibles and even higher out-of-pocket costs. The majority of deductible and out-of-pocket costs on the exchange plans are $6000 and more. Insurance actuarial data states that 95% of individuals never reach their deductibles. These high deductibles are usually only met with catastrophic events such as hospital care. However, 90% of your common primary care health needs occur outside of the hospital. This means the likelihood of reaching that deductible is extremely remote. You may also experience more restricted access to doctors, hospitals and medication with these plans.

Whether you have selected an HMO or PPO high deductible plan, on or off the exchange, to avoid paying the tax penalty or you've elected to go without health insurance due to the high premium cost - you may still face two major problems. 1) Where are you going to obtain quality medical services? 2) How are you going to pay for your out-of-hospital primary care health services? The answer to both questions is - a Health Share Plan membership. Health Share Plan DPC give you convenient access and multiple providers to take care of most medical needs. Also, if you select a high deductible health plan, HSP reduces your immediate out-of-pocket deductible costs by providing the services as part of your office visit co-pay or at cash discounted Time of Service rates. These services that you normally would pay a higher insurance rate for as part of your deductible.