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Basic Plan

Basic Plan for $49 per month and $15 Office Visit.
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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan for $80 per month and $15 Office Visit
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HSP for Business

Health Share Plan for small business.

Health Share Plan DPC

Health Share Plan DPC helps you experience the best of health by providing easy access to the majority of out-of-hospital health care services with or layered under any health insurance plan deductible. Rather than waiting to meet you high deductible before insurance pays one dollar, HSP allows you to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. This means HSP meets 90% of your common primary care health needs and helps you control costs. Your HSP membership provides flexibility and does not mandate your health care services. You and your physician determine your needs and how to best meet them.

Two Health Share Plan DPC Options

1) Health Share Plan DPC "Basic" membership is available for $49/month with a low $15 single problem office visit, including up to 2 in-house lab tests from our lab menu, one EKG and one X-Ray if needed. For multiple problem office visits, you will incur higher Office Visit fees. Any additional services needed you pay for at a discounted Time of Service rate.

2) Health Share Plan DPC "Comprehensive" membership is available for $80/month with a low $15 multiple problem office visit. You also receive 100% coverage for all services offered at complete care center. other than prescription medication, labs and sub-specialty visits such as ultrasound, podiatry, counseling, and other outside services. if services needed you pay for at discounted TOS rates.

Liberty Direct

Liberty Direct is a medical cost sharing option. For a low monthly share amount, Liberty Direct members share healthcare expenses through a well established cost-sharing program administered by Liberty HealthShare, a national leader in healthcare cost sharing for over 20 years. Rather than expensive monthly premium, Liberty Direct members pay a low "Monthly Share Amount." As a Liberty Direct Premier Practice, Health Share Plan members have their monthly membership dues paid for by Liberty Direct. Just another way, we are working to lower your health care costs.